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What Do Breast Implants Feel Like?

Breast Augmentation by Dr Andrew Broadhurst

We all know they look great, but the big question is how do breast implants feel? You’ve probably heard the rumours that breast implants can feel “hard and heavy”. I’m happy to report that is certainly not the case! Below I’ve listed the four key factors that affect how natural breast implants will feel.

1. Silicone Implants vs. Saline Implants

Most people will agree that silicone breast implants tend to mimic natural breast tissue better than saline breast implants. This is because saline implants feel like what they are, a bag filled with water. Silicone, on the other hand, is a substance that holds its shape while still remaining soft, much like regular breast tissue. If you’d like to read more about silicone breast implants click here.

2. Placement of Breast Implants

There are two options with the placement of breast implants — over the muscle or under the muscle. When implants are placed under the muscle the breast tissue covers the implant. Not surprisingly, this leads to a more natural feeling breast because you’ll feel real tissue under the skin rather than the implant.

3. The Amount of Breast Tissue

If you’re choosing to have your breast implants placed under the muscle, the amount of breast tissue you naturally have will also affect how realistic your breasts will feel. More tissue = more natural. A little less tissue = a little less natural.

4. Textured or Smooth

It sounds a little like choosing a jar of peanut butter, doesn’t it? Textured or smooth relates to the coating on the outside of your breast implants (read more about it here). Textured breast implants are designed to stay in place. As a result, they don’t move around as much as smooth implants do. This does tend to make them feel a little less realistic as natural breasts are very fluid and do move about a lot.

How do Breast Implants feel? Feel them for yourself!

I encourage you to come and chat with me and see for yourself how each different breast implant feels and even “try on” a pair or two! There are pros and cons to all of the above choices that will affect how natural your breasts will feel after Breast Augmentation surgery. So, the best way to weigh up all your options and decide on what will work for your unique body is to chat to a trusted and experienced plastic surgeon.

Now that you know what breast implants feel like, do you want to see some real results? View my Breast Augmentation before and afters gallery.

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