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V2 Beauty Booster

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BeautyBooster-rect-3 V2 Beauty Booster

The V2 Beauty Booster is changing the way we treat skin.
There is a revolutionary new treatment for rejuvenating dull, dry skin that is affected by fine lines
and wrinkles. The V2 Beauty Booster has changed the game when it comes to placing filler in the
skin, allowing precision like never before. From targeting dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles,
it is a versatile anti-aging all rounder.
How does it work?
The V2 Injector gun allows for precise and accurate dosage of Redensity[1] to the subdermis of the
skin. It offers precise depth and accurate dosing in a quick treatment with minimal pain and
downtime for patients.
The device uses multi-needles – from 5 needles up to 9, allowing for the procedure to be performed
in a short treatment time. This type of delivery system also decreases the amount of pain
experienced by patients. The device is also innovative in a way that it provides a vacuum suction
to the skin surface allowing for accurate and precise delivery of the Redensity[1]. This also reduces
bruising and swelling therefore there is little downtime to this treatment.
The Procedure
The V2 Beauty Booster can be used on many areas to increase hydration and deliver hyaluronic
acid to the skin. The most common areas for treatment are the face, neck, decolletage and hands –
these are the areas in which we show our age the soonest.
The V2 Injector has changed the way filler is injected into the skin, allowing an exact amount of
product to be injected at the correct depth. This specific method of treating leads to an
improvement in the fine lines and wrinkles while also giving the skin an overall BOOST that will
leave you glowing!
The Product
The Beauty Booster Redensity[1] is a unique hyaluronic acid that redensifies and hydrates the skin
to make it beautiful and radiant. It is a unique mix of non-cross linked HA and essential nutrients
(amino acids, antioxidants, vitamin B6) which helps to optimise DNA synthesis and stimulates
collagen production. The results are subtle and natural looking, with visibly lighter, smoother and
softer skin after a few treatments.
Patients require Minimal downtime with this treatment and can return to normal activities
immediately after.
The V2 Beauty Booster treatment improves overall luminance, integrity and structure.

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