Wrinkle Relaxers

Do you want to soften some of the stubborn lines on your face? Are you after a treatment that’s natural and gives you a youthful look? Wrinkle relaxers are just what the doctor ordered.

For starters, let us clear something up. Wrinkle relaxers don’t have to leave you with a frozen, fake looking face. You aren’t going to be walking out of our clinic unable to smile properly. Far from it, in fact. When you leave our clinic, you’ll have a softer more youthful looking face that moves exactly as it should.

Wrinkle relaxers soften the lines on your face by stopping the contraction of muscles on the face (in a minor way). This, in turn, prevents the appearance of existing wrinkles and also prevents new wrinkles from forming.

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About Wrinkles and Wrinkle Relaxers

We get wrinkles due to the daily facial expressions that we make which deepen over time and eventually form a fixed wrinkle in the skin. When you get anti-wrinkle injections, also known as wrinkle relaxers, the micro-lines and deeper wrinkles in your facial skin will relax, giving you a fresher and more youthful appearance.

Anti-wrinkle injections are perfect when you want to freshen up your look and appear more youthful for an event, a special occasion or just because. You don’t need an excuse to spend a little time on yourself. So go on, call us today and treat yourself to a new you.

What Anti Wrinkle Injections Involve

All anti-wrinkle injections are performed right here in our Brisbane clinic. We use safe injectables which are administered as a quick procedure. After the procedure is done and your wrinkle filler is in, you’ll be able to go about your day. You may experience some pain at the site of your injection, but this will subside within a couple of days.

The wrinkle relaxers will take a couple of days to settle into your skin, but after 10 days you will truly see the greatest effect of your new wrinkle relaxers.

What to Expect

You will consult with Dr Andrew Broadhurst, our resident surgeon, and he will speak with you about what you are hoping to achieve with your wrinkle relaxers and discuss how you want your overall face to look.

Our anti-wrinkle injections in Brisbane are designed to give you a natural, youthful look. We can temporarily soften the appearance of crows feet, smile lines and wrinkles on the forehead. If you have a special event coming up and want to look your best, contact us for a consultation and find out about how we can help you to look younger in days.

What Your Wrinkle Relaxers Will Achieve

Do you have some pesky lines on your face that you just want to get rid of? We can help you there. Our wrinkle filler treatments are designed to give you a natural softer look with that youthful glow – all in a quick session at our clinic. You’ll love the appearance of your forehead, cheeks and eyes with our wrinkle relaxers.

Forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet and necklines are all things that we can treat with our wrinkle fillers. You’ll get a natural, youthful look without appearing frozen or fake.

Treatment Timeline

The wrinkle relaxers you get from our clinic are administered on-site in our clinic in Newstead. You’ll be able to walk out of the clinic after having your quick procedure and be able to work as usual the next day.

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