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Get the full, luscious lips that you’ve been dreaming of with our professional precision lip enhancement procedure.

For so many of our patients, their lips are a source of quiet frustration as they struggle with an uneven or thin lip shape. Your lips are such a huge part of what makes up your overall facial beauty, and it’s your lips that soften or define your lower face.

A full lip has the power to make your face look more youthful and beautiful, which is why they are so popular in the fashion world and on every Instagram celebrity on your feed.

At Enhance Plastic Surgery we are dedicated to giving you the full lips that you want through our lip enhancement procedure. Our lip fillers are safe and are performed in our clinic using lip injections which are administered by our team.

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What Lip Enhancement Involves

Your lip enhancement is performed in our clinic and involves your lips being injected with lip fillers. These lip fillers usually last around four to eight months – and in some cases, they will last longer.

The procedure will take around half an hour, and we can administer numbing agents to reduce any pain. If you are prone to cold sores, we do advise that you take some preventative medication prior to your treatment as lip injections can sometimes trigger a cold sore at the site of injection.

Immediately after having your lip enhancement, you may experience some bruising and tenderness. These are normal side effects of the lip injections and will subside naturally, usually after 48 to 72 hours. Your lips will be injected with lip fillers which will gradually subside over time, but while they are in your lips, they will look full, plump and beautiful.

The procedure is safe to repeat once your original lip fillers have worn off.

What to Expect

Dr Andrew Broadhurst is our resident surgeon. During your initial consultation with Andrew, you’ll discuss your medical history and desired lip shape. Andrew will go through what you can expect with your lip enhancement and talk about how full you would like your lips to be.

Our Brisbane lip enhancement procedure is popular amongst women of all ages, and we are trusted by our patients to deliver a result that they are delighted with.

What Your Lip Enhancement Will Achieve

Your lip enhancement procedure is going to give you full lips. We will speak with you about how much fullness you would like, and also advise you as to what will work best for your face.

Sometimes patients want a very full lip thinking that this will automatically work best, but Dr Broadhurst will assess the dimensions of your face and advise you as to the level of fullness that will provide the most natural and beautiful result.

If you are after lips that look particularly big and luscious, we can also consult with you as to how to get the best possible results. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigan and any of the Kardashians know the value of good fillers, and we can certainly advise you on how to achieve a full, plump lip that works for your face shape.

Treatment Timeline

Your lip fillers procedure will be performed in our Brisbane clinic and will take around an hour all up. You can go about your day after the procedure, and you will only have a little tenderness to deal with on your lips. If you have any feelings of tenderness remaining a few days after the procedure, please contact us, and we can assist you.

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