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Breast Implants: How Big Should You Go?

Breast Augmentation by Dr Andrew Broadhurst


There are many decisions that go into your Breast Augmentation, but the one most women are concerned about is the size. So, how big should you go? Too small and you might end up disappointed. Too big and you could find yourself frustrated with an overwhelming change in size. The good news is, your Plastic Surgeon will take you through your sizing options and use their knowledge and experience to help guide you.

Breast Implant Sizing:
Breast implants are measured by their volume in either cc’s (cubic centimetres) or millilitres. A 250cc implant is equal to the volume of a 250ml implant. Simply, the larger the volume, the larger the implant. Unfortunately, there is no chart to tell you what volume breast implant will give you a certain cup size. Why not? Because it will take a greater volume implant to get a size A to a full C than it will a B cup to a full C.

How to pick your breast implant size:
To help you communicate just the look you’re after with your Plastic Surgeon, go into your consultation armed with what cup size you’re hoping for and a few dream breast images. These images could include Breast Augmentation before and afters, celebrity pictures or even snaps of friends or family. Once your Plastic Surgeon has looked at your general body shape and frame, they will be able to guide you on what breast implant options will help you achieve the look you’re after. An excellent Plastic Surgeon will also make sure to discuss your lifestyle. This will ensure your decisions not only look the way you want but fit with your life too.

In a consultation with me at Enhance Plastic Surgery, you can also ‘try on’ breast implant sizers. Rather than just guessing what a certain size might look like on you, see it for yourself! Sizers will show you exactly what that size implant will look like. We ask you to bring along to their consultations a couple of different tops to put on over our implant sizer. If you would like to test it out for yourself, contact my team here to book your consultation.

To view Breast Augmentation before and afters by Dr Andrew Broadhurst, click here.

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