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Breast Augmentation: Recovery Timeline

Breast Augmentation Post Op Recovery, by Dr Andrew Broadhurst

“How long does it take to heal?” is a common concern for many people considering Breast Augmentation surgery. So, I’ve put together a timeline to give you an idea of each step within the Breast Augmentation recovery process. This is a guide (not an exact science) as some people may find they bounce back very quickly while others may take a little longer.

Blog Breast Augmentation: Recovery Timeline

The Day of Surgery

You’ll be happy to know, after your Breast Augmentation surgery you get to go and rest in the comfort of your own home. You won’t be able to drive due to the anaesthesia ‘grogginess’ so arrange to have someone pick you up. I recommend you have someone stay with you for the first 24 hours while the anaesthesia wears off completely.

The First 3 Days

You’re going to be pretty sore for the first few days after your surgery. Most people find it tolerable but make sure you take your prescribed pain medication when you feel you need it. Don’t try to ‘stick it out’ and grit through the pain as it could prolong your recovery process. Give your body the time it needs to rest and heal. The day after surgery you will be able to shower.

After 1 Week

Unless your job is physically demanding (requiring lifting and bending etc.) you’ll be able to head back to work one week or so after surgery. Remember: don’t drive while you’re still on any prescription medication for pain.

After 2 Weeks

By this point most people are back to feeling pretty normal and your life will have returned to its usual routine (aside from that great buzz you feel with the excitement of your new look!). If you have a more physically demanding job you can head back to work from this point but save any heavy lifting for your work mates. Gentle exercise is OK but avoid any chest exercises. Use pain as a guide; if it hurts, stop! You can always try again in a week or so.

After 3-4 Weeks

At this point you should be able to incorporate a little more lifting into your daily routine and exercise.

After 6 Weeks

You’ll now be rid of those sports bras, back to full exercise and feeling amazing about your new look!

The best guide to knowing how long it will take YOU to get back to your normal life is to chat to a Plastic Surgeon you trust. They will help you prioritise what is most important to you, as an individual, and this will help guide your Breast Augmentation choices. If you’d like to arrange a consultation with me in Brisbane, Ballina, Hervey Bay, Gladstone or Sunshine Coast contact my team here.

You can find out a little more about Breast Augmentation and download our Infosheet here.

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