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Breast Augmentation and Body Weight Changes

Breast Augmentation by Dr Andrew Broadhurst

Most women know that changes in their weight affect the size of their breasts. A little more weight makes breasts fuller, while a little less can lead them to shrink in size. If you’re considering Breast Augmentation you should be mindful that changes in your weight can also affect the way your breast implants look. Here’s what you need to know…

bigstock-Woman-Holding-Her-Breasts-73263886 Breast Augmentation and Body Weight Changes

Increased Weight

Dramatic increases in weight after Breast Augmentation surgery can actually help to camouflage your breast implants leading to a more natural look. That being said, your breasts will also increase in size. This may be a look some women are happy with while others may find moving up another cup size a little overwhelming.

Decreased Weight

Just as putting on weight will affect the way your breasts look so too will losing a lot of weight. Your breasts may loose fullness and in some instances begin to droop. If you’re planning on reducing your weight it may be in your best interests to hit your goal before undergoing Breast Augmentation surgery. This will ensure you see lasting results from your surgery and maintain your dream bust-line.

Maintaining Your Weight

Some people will find fluctuations in their weight have more affect on the look of their breasts than others. It’s all down to our individual body type. Ideally, I suggest patients reach a comfortable ideal weight range before surgery. It’s important to be realistic; aim for a weight you’re not going to struggle to maintain afterwards.

When you discuss your Breast Augmentation with your trusted plastic surgeon be sure to mention if you expect to have any major changes in your weight. They’re the experts and will be able to guide you on what is most suitable for your body type, needs and expectations. If you’d like to discuss your Breast Augmentation procedure with me, contact my team about a Breast Augmentation consultation in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast.

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