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A Guide to Breast Implant Sizes

Breast Augmentation by Dr Andrew Broadhurst

It’s important to go into Breast Augmentation surgery with a goal of how you want to look rather than what size implants you think you need. Here’s a good example of why…

In your head, order the below images from smallest to largest sized breast implants:

Breast-Implant-Size-Image-1024x276 A Guide to Breast Implant Sizes

They all look more or less the same size, don’t they? Would you believe that C are 325ml round implants while A and C are both 450ml round implants?

Breast Implants Size & Your Body:

How a breast implant will look on your body is dependent on a whole range of factors including your height, weight, natural breast size and the width of you chest wall. To an extent, your natural body shape will dictate how big you may be able to go. If you don’t have enough breast tissue to cover a large implant you may have to compromise somewhat on size.

Read more about all of your breast implant options here.

Breast Implants Size & Your Lifestyle:

If you live a very active lifestyle, first of all, kudos to you! Secondly, you may want to think twice before choosing very large breast implants. You may find the extra weight uncomfortable or your new breasts getting in the way during your regular exercise routines. Remaining comfortable is key to being happy with your Breast Augmentation. Be sure to discuss your lifestyle with your Plastic Surgeon to help decide what is going to work best for you and your body.

Choosing Your Breast Implant Size:

It goes without saying that the smaller the breast implant size, the more natural the look. That being said, don’t get cold feet and be too conservative only to find yourself wanting to go up another size again. Discussing your options with a trusted Plastic Surgeon is the best way to figure out what size breast implants are going to achieve the look and feel you are hoping for. Come along to your first consultation armed with lots of dream bust images. Both clothed and before/after Breast Augmentation pictures are great!

What should you expect in your first Breast Augmentation consultation?

Trying implants on for size! At Enhance Plastic Surgery we have a special bra that fits a range of breast implant sizes, shapes and profiles to help you see how different breast implants will look on your body. It’s as easy and fun as shopping for shoes. We encourage our patients to try on a wide variety of implants to see how each change their body’s silhouette. You may find a size or shape suits you that you hadn’t considered.

If you’re interested in having a breast implant sizing session with me get in contact with my team to book a consultation. Don’t forget to bring along a low-cut t-shirt or two so you can really take those breast implants for a proper spin!

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